Ryanair unaccompanied minor policy

Suppose you plan a trip with your child under 16, but after the bookings, you must attend work because you cannot travel with your child. In this situation, the child passengers will come under the unaccompanied minor category and get additional facilities from the airlines. Ryanair is the finest airline in Ireland which provides several facilities like a refund, complete packages, etc. If your age is under 16 years, you can fly alone in the Ryanair airline, but you need to fulfil some conditions and Ryanair unaccompanied minor policy. You must follow the procedure below to get the correct information on the unaccompanied minor policy and its booking process. 

What are the unaccompanied minor policies of Ryanair?

The below mention statements are the policies of Ryanair's unaccompanied minor.  

  • If you are less than 18 years old and book the flight from Ryanair's official website, you come in the unaccompanied minor category.  
  • One guardian had to come with the unaccompanied minor at the departure airport, and they were not permitted to leave the airport until the flight take off.  
  • If the age of an unaccompanied minor is under four years, then Ryanair will not allow them to travel alone. One person also needs to be available at the destination airport, and they have to come up with their official documents and take the permission of the Ryanair staff to receive the Unaccompanied minor passenger.  
  • Ryanair airlines will not allow the passenger to add the unaccompanied minor to any existing bookings. The passenger needs to make the new bookings for the unaccompanied minor.  
  • An unaccompanied minor must reach the airport two to three hours before the flight departure time. Tell the representatives of Ryanair about the unaccompanied minor and get all the safety instructions. 
  • The child passenger has to carry their id card, guardian phone number, or other contact information in the carry-on bags. In all the cases of an unaccompanied minor, service charges apply by Ryanair and between 150USD to 300USD for one.  
  • If any unaccompanied minor is disabled, they must carry all the necessary documents in their handbag. They are only allowed by Ryanair if any guardian is traveling with them. 

What is Ryanair's unaccompanied minor booking process?

Via phone: It is always a helpful option to connect with the representatives and then get their help to make the reservations for an unaccompanied minor. These representatives will guide you about everything you need during boarding, traveling, etc.  

  • Make a call on the mentioned number 44 1279-35-8395 
  • Then choose your country name 
  • Further, select the comfortable language
  • Lastly, follow the IVR

Press 1 for bookings 

Press 2 to cancel the flight 

Press 3 to change the flight 

Press 4 to change the seat 

Press 5 for information on an unaccompanied minor

Press 6 to connect with representatives 

Press 7 for more options 

Press 8 to go back 

You must choose the option per the query and then connect with representatives. 

By reading the above, you will get the information on Ryanair unaccompanied minor policy. If your query remains unsolved or you want further information regarding Ryanair, you can contact their official representatives and get guidance.

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