About Us


Travolizer is a user-friendly website and one can maneuver through multiple options according to their budget and travel wants for flights and hotels. Travolizer boasts of numerous happy consumers with incredible experiences to share with the world.

Our service

Travolizer offers best-in-class services to individuals allowing them to take a smooth trail as far as planning and organizing travel is concerned. One can contact the team at Travolizer to get instant support for practical forethought and proper arrangement of events and itinerary so that you are able to enjoy and could make the most of your moment away in the middle of your dream holiday.

Here are some of the traits that let us shine in the tourism industry:

  • Always listening and never imposing.

We are considerate of the travel needs and wants of the individual; we try to contemplate what the person wants and offer options and solutions based on that without imposing what we think is best for the traveler. This approach helps us offer individual-centric solutions to managing and organizing parts of the travel itinerary for hotels and flight bookings.

  • A myriad of options.

People are able to scroll through a myriad of travel options available at Travolizer for flights and hotels. You can choose from the popular hotel options and also get a chance to compare the fares only to find the best possible price at Travolizer.

  • Contact support throughout.

Agents at Travolizer are always there to offer proper support and assistance to travelers if they would like to get help with hotels and flight reservations. Also, the services do not end until and unless travelers have a satisfactory experience.

Disclaimer: We are a self-made online travel agency without any third-party association. Our main aim is to offer affordable flight booking services to travelers, and we never claim that we have any direct link with the airlines. All the logos, trademarks, and brand names available on the website only for information purposes belong to their respective owners. If you have any concerns or issues, contact us immediately.