Difference between boarding pass and web check-in:

In case, you have booked your itinerary but want to ensure the check-in on time to get the boarding pass to board the flight on time. Well, every traveler is aware of web check-in as most Airlines try to automate the services to boost the check-in process which leads to saving time on departure day. Whenever there are a few days left in departure, passengers will come up with a few questions about what these documents are, the distinction between boarding passes and web check-in, or whether they play similar roles, etc. So, the following data will provide complete details of the raised questions like what is the difference between boarding pass and web check-in and more.

The major distinction between boarding pass and web check-in:

Web Check-in is described as a process to check in for the scheduled flight online at least 24 hours before the departure time and the automated feature served by multiple Airlines. Customers can choose the desired seats and print boarding passes from the comfort of their homes. Therefore, a boarding pass is a document that is printed at the time of check-in whether online at the Airport or through a kiosk. Passengers should remember that it is necessary to print the boarding pass after completing the Check-in as it will be required while boarding the flight.

Can I travel without a boarding pass?

Nowadays, most people prefer to carry their boarding pass on a device, even during the check-in but later wonder if the Airline will allow them to go through the security Check-in using the digital boarding pass. In the following information, here are a few points you should keep in mind while traveling on domestic as well as international flights.

  • No, the Airline will allow their travelers to board the flight without having a boarding pass.
  • Some Airline allows you to go through the security Check-in but you should always carry the print of your boarding to show to the Airport authority to avoid the hassle.

Will I need to check in if I already have a boarding pass?

This is the most common query among travelers once they complete the online check-in process that they are required to do again check-in at the Airport. If you have already completed the web check-in then you do not have to repeat the check-in process at the Airport.

How to check in to get a boarding pass?

If you have to board an international flight then the person needs to check in on time but you should make yourself familiar with the methods. The airline always advises their travelers to complete the check-in at least 3 -4 hours before the departure time. To complete Check-in online, passengers can take a note from the following data.

  • Travelers should need to go to the specific Airline's official website.
  • Browse the Airline homepage to find the Check-in tab given in the menu bar.
  • Select it and then you should enter the PNR Number and last name mentioned on the tickets.
  • Search the available flight options.
  • Passengers should click on the Check-in option and the Airline will send the boarding pass to the registered email address.

Note: If you have completed the online check-in then you need to print the boarding pass at the Airport to complete the security screening.

Check-in Via Kiosk:

Travelers can also use the kiosk to complete the check-in to get the boarding pass but you need to make sure to have the PNR Number, last name, and other ticket details. You need to first visit the Airport and approach the Kiosk, select the Check-in tab, and then the customer needs to enter all the required information. You should follow further instructions which will assist you to complete the check-in.

Are Check-in and Boarding pass are similar?

No Check-in and Boarding are not similar as the boarding pass is a printed document that is necessary to bring to board the scheduled flight. However, you can check in online, at the Airport, or via a kiosk available at the Airport Check-in counter.

Which is the first step Check-in or boarding pass?

Generally, these both are interconnected but the passengers should be required to first check in to get the boarding pass. You can do it either with your airline online, at the Airport, or using a Kiosk.

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