What are the cheapest days to fly with southwest

While planning the journey, if you wish to travel with the SouthWest Airline but are willing to make the reservation on the cheapest days, so to make the reservation, the days you can choose are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday because these days are considered to be the cheapest days. And the reason is that it comes on weekdays and because the seats on the flight are mostly vacant, to bend the customer toward the flight ticket can be cheaper. Now, you have the answers for the issues such as What are the cheapest days to fly with southwest. Apart from days, you can also get a cheap flight ticket by using any of the tips that have been stated below: -

Tips to book cheap flight tickets

Advance booking 

While making the reservation in advance, you can enjoy the benefit of various types of deals and also be able to grab the best possible options. And by using the deals, you can make your ticket cheaper also. Other hand, you can make changes in your booking and properly plan the trip. As the travel dates get closer, the airline ticket gets expensive because the availability of seats becomes a question. 

Low fare calendar 

On Southwest, the airline, you can also get a low-fare calendar option. And if you have the fixable plan, you can use this option and choose the travel date where you have to pay less than other dates. So when you complete the booking by using this option, you can get the flight ticket effectively.


When looking for a cheaper flight ticket, you can try booking the flight ticket during the off-season of the particular destination. Because of the season, the destination has the best time to visit, so the palace gets occupied by the number of travelers. During the offseason, the number of people gets reduced, resulting in the vacant space in the flight. And the flight of a particular destination releases various discounts and deals. By using that at the time of booking you can get a cheaper flight ticket.

Promo code and voucher

In order to book the flight ticket with Southwest Airlines, you can also use the promo code or voucher if you have it in your accounts. Otherwise, the airline can provide these either during season time or to their regular customers. While using it, the amount of value equivalent might be reduced, and the rest sum you get paid.

Do Southwest prices go down on Tuesday?

Yes, the Southwest flight gets down on Tuesday because it comes under the weekdays, and during this time zone, the number of travelers is low because it is one of the working days. Moreover, the flight ticket cost also gets low at midnight when the number of people is less than day time, and to get the customer's attention, they offer the voucher or promo code, and by using that, you can get cheaper flight tickets.

So, here you can locate the answers to one of the frequently asked questions: What are the cheapest days to fly with southwest, and Do Southwest prices go down on Tuesday? But if you have confusion after this, get in touch with the customer service team and answer.

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