Ryanair pet travel policy

Are you concerned about traveling with your pet on a Ryanair flight? People wanting to travel with their pets must contemplate and go through the Ryanair pet travel policy to have a clear comprehension of what to do and what not to do when it comes to traveling with a pet. If you are concerned about taking your pet along with you on a Ryanair flight, you can refer to the inclusions of the pet policy. So without much ado, let’s get started. 

Here are the key pointers of Ryanair pet travel policy: 

  • Pets are forbidden on all Ryanair flights, however, people are able to take assistance dogs with them on the flights.  Such pets can travel for free on Ryanair’s flights. 
  • Emotional support dogs are also welcome on flights only if the owner has proper supporting medical documentation for the same. 
  • Assistance dogs ought to be recognized by the following agencies in order to board a Ryanair flight: ADI, Assistance dogs UK or IGDF. 
  • There are certain flights by Ryanair that prohibit dogs at all costs, such as a flight from or to Morocco or Israel. 
  • Guides and assistance dogs are permitted on all Ryanair intra-EU/EEA flights and domestic flights. 
  • The guide/assistance dogs must wear a standard identifying jacket or harness throughout the journey. 
  • Dogs need to travel on the floor at the passenger’s feet. 
  • A flight can have a maximum of four assistance/guide dogs. 
  • Passengers should have a suitable harness that can be used to offer restraint to the dog during take-off, landing, and turbulence. People can also carry any suitable arrangement that adequately secures the assistance dog on the flight. The harness is attached to the passenger’s seat belt. 

Note: it is mandatory that one pre-informs the airline in order to make sure that you are able to take your assistance/guide dog along with you on a Ryanair flight booking. 

What needs to be done in order to take your pet along? 

Ryanair travelers must inform the airline while booking flight reservations to take their pets along. This can be done online or by getting in touch with the customer service department at the airline using the helpline. If you do not have proper paperwork for your pet, the airline reserves the right to dismiss your lea or request for taking your pet along on a Ryanair flight. 

List of Administrative documents for Pet travel. 

Travelers must have Administrative documents for Pet Travel that include a valid dog passport or a veterinary health certificate along with other necessary medical documents. 

The vaccinations administered to your dog must comply with the vaccination requirements of the destination country. Professionals at Ryanair may dismiss your plea to take your pet if you fail to offer required documents in proper order. 

Ryanair Help Centre 

People can also contemplate the clauses of the Ryanair pet travel policy by getting in touch with the customer service representatives by communicating with the customer support executives at Ryanair. One can communicate with the customer service executives at Ryanair and are able to get help as far as traveling with an assistant/guide dog is concerned.

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