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Many times there are many people who decide to board JetBlue flights to travel to any destination in groups. The airline permits such passengers to make JetBlue group bookings and enjoy their trip. No matter if you are planning to travel to attend your cousin’s wedding along with your family, going to attend sports events, or have business meetings to attend with your colleagues, you can use the group booking facility of JetBlue Airline; you can also contact JetBlue Airlines group sales to gather complete fare information. The group booking procedure is straightforward and requires customers to fill out the online form to request to quote a fare. The complete description of the JetBlue group reservation is provided below. 

What is JetBlue group booking concept?

JetBlue allows different groups to travel via them based on the number of travelers. You must refer to the following points: 

·       If the number of passengers is less than 8: If you are planning to board JetBlue flights to your destinations and travel with family or friends in a small group, then you can make reservations online several times for up to 7 passengers. 

·       If the number of travelers is 8-9: If your group consists of 8-9 travelers, then you need to contact JetBlue Airlines group sales to make the reservations. 

·       If you are traveling in a group of 10 passengers or more: There are many travelers who travel to any destination via JetBlue Airlines, and their group comprises ten passengers or more; those travelers can contact the JetBlue group desk from 8 am to 7.30 pm to make group bookings and gather all other required group reservation information. 

JetBlue group booking policies: 

Those passengers who want to make group bookings on JetBlue Airlines must go through the important JetBlue group booking policies mentioned below:

· Jet Blue allows ten passengers or more to travel to any destination in the group.

· Grou[ passengers must make fare quotes at least 

· Travelers must make flight booking payments only in US dollars which includes both deposits and fees.

· JetBlue Airlines does not provide any special discount on group bookings.

· If group booking payments are made, then the passenger wants to cancel his seat, then the airline forbids deposit money. 

· If a group consists of children under 18 years, then elder guarding must accompany them. 

The process to book group travel:

Travelers must follow the steps given to book group travel:

· Visit the JetBlue website and go to group travel.

· Fill in trip details and click on “request group travel.”

· Make group payments.  

· Your request will be registered, and if your group qualifies, you will be informed. 

Things to be noted by the passengers traveling in groups via JetBlue Airlines:

· If you have made a reservation for group travel, then you cannot check in online individually.

· Also, they cannot check in using the mobile application of the airline or reach the self-check-in kiosk; they must report to the reservation or check-in counter of the airline. 

· Also, one thing that must be noted by the passengers who are considering traveling in a group is that even after submitting a group booking request form online, the airline does not guarantee you the reservations. 

Contact JetBlue customer services to make a reservation for ten or more travelers:   

If you have decided to travel in a group that consists of more than ten passengers, then you are supposed to reach JetBlue customer service. Now you must be searching for an answer to the question, “What is the phone number for JetBlue group sales?” to ensure your group travel arrangements are made according to your convenience, you must dial: 1-888-538-2583, now after an automated voice instructs your calls you must follow the instructions and finally when the calls are forwarded to the airline representative who handles group travel related issues must provide their required travel arrangements. He will help you to make the necessary arrangements. 

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