Is Aer Lingus a good airline?

Many standards need to be considered before calling an airline a good airline. There are safety standards, off-board, and on-board services, all of which need to be considered before an airline can be known as a good airline. Skytrax has rated Aer Lingus as the first four-star Airline in Ireland. So, if you still have doubts or a question in your mind, "Is Aer Lingus a good airline?" Then you only need to walk through the information which is given below. After that, you'll be able to decide if the Airline is good enough for you or not. 

Safety Standards of Aer Lingus 

Before you board any flight, it is essential to ensure that the flight's safety measures are perfect. Aer Lingus has confirmed that their Covid-related safety measures and the other general safety measures are perfect and protect the customers against any issue. Aer Lingus is known for its flexible Covid-related safety measures. That is the reason it is not mandatory to wear a face mask. 

Face mask 

The Face mask is optional when flying in Ireland on the Aer Lingus flight. However, if you're flying to or from a country where covers are mandatory, you must ensure that you wear the Facemask. 

When are face masks optional?

Domestic Flights: Travel within Ireland. 

UK flights: In case you're traveling between Belfast and the UK. 

Flights are traveling within Europe: If you're traveling within Ireland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, and Switzerland. 

The Airline will ensure that the flight is thoroughly sanitized, and only those passengers will board the flight carrying their Covid negative report. 

Safety measures at the Airport. 

  • At the Airport, Aer Lingus has ensured that proper social distancing is maintained to avoid any contact. 
  • You'll get the facility of a lounge, where you can wait for your flight and at the same time have your favorite meal. 
  • At the gate, you only need to show your boarding pass, which will be scanned. In that manner, you'll be able to make your boarding completely contactless. 

Food and beverages in Aer Lingus

Irish cuisine is undoubtedly the best you can get. They have ensured that you'll get complimentary meals in some particular booking. Those passengers who are traveling from Ireland are going to get the facilities given below. 

  • Service of a full bar. 
  • Your lunch is going to be shared with tea and coffee. 
  • On long-haul flights, you'll also get some delicious evening snacks. 

For flights arriving in Ireland:

In case you're traveling to Ireland, then you'll be able to get the below-given dining facility. 

  • You'll get the facility of the complete bar service. 
  • Your dinner will be served with Tea and Coffee. 
  • Before you land, you'll get orange juice with freshly cooked breakfast. 

Types of seat selection in Aer Lingus

You can make the seat selection from several options. Some of them are mentioned below. 

  • Business-class seats. 
  • Extra legroom seats. 
  • Front seats. 
  • Preferred seats. 
  • Standard+ seats. 
  • Standard seats. 

You can choose from any of the seats as per your comfort. Then you'll be ready to enjoy your trip without any issues. The above information must have answered the question, "Is Aer Lingus a good airline?" Because only a good airline can provide these many facilities. You can even connect with the customer service team of Aer Lingus. 

Where does Aer Lingus fly? 

Aer Lingus flies to almost twenty-four countries in Europe. It covers a total of ninety-three airports. This is undoubtedly one of the best coverage by any Irish Airline. 

Now you only need to make your booking and Enjoy your trip. 

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