How to upgrade seat on KLM?

KLM Airlines is one of the outstanding airlines that provides various seating options on board. In case you booked a ticket with KLM and are willing to upgrade the seats for extra comfort and best services, it is possible. KLM provides its passengers with several options through which they can upgrade their seats to a higher class and make their journey more comfortable and hassle-free. You can upgrade the seats immediately after booking via the My Trip section, during check-in, or at the airport. How to upgrade seat on KLM? We will educate you and update you about the whole process, upgrade policy, and other relevant details; take a look.

Step-by-step process to upgrade seats with KLM 

Here is the step-by-step upgrade process you can follow to upgrade your seats online after the booking.

  • To begin, you need to open the KLM Airlines official website and go to the 'My Trip' section
  • Provide the booking details, including booking code & surname, access details 
  • Choose the itinerary you want to upgrade and proceed with the 'Upgrade Options' button
  • Select one of the upgrade options: Upgrade with miles, Bid an upgrade, or pay for an upgrade 
  • For the Upgrade with Miles option, choose the number of miles you want to use, clcik on the Upgrade, and follow the prompts to complete the process
  • For Bid on an upgrade, enter the biding amount you want to pay and submit it. In case your Bid is accepted, you will get a notification from KLM airlines
  • For Pay an upgrade, select the class you want to upgrade to, including economy comfort, business class, and premium economy, proceed with the upgrade process and pay the fare difference 
  • After you complete the Upgrade, you with get a new ticket with updated information

KLM seat Upgrade policy 

You can easily upgrade your seats with KLM in various ways; however, there are certain terms and conditions you shall adhere to: 

  • Unless you book the ticket directly from the KLM website, you can upgrade the flight during online check-in 30 hours before departure or at Kisok at the airport. 
  • You can upgrade part of the trip from economy class or premium comfort class to higher travel class by paying for it. 
  • The KLM has the right to assign a seat in premium comfort class or business class to another passenger because of operations, safety, or security reasons. 
  • Those who choose a seat next to an emergency they must be able to provide assistance in case of emergency. 
  • In case KLM does not assign you the seat in higher class according to the upgrades, the airline will provide a full refund 

How easy is it to upgrade with KLM? 

Upgrading seats with KLM is quite simple and can be done in various ways. You can upgrade your seats with KLM via the official website or by contacting the KLM Airlines custsoer service. Here are the various upgrade options; you can use any of these as per your interest and availability. 

Method 1: Upgrade with Miles 

If you are a frequent flyer and have sufficient Flying Blue Miles, you can use it to upgrade your seats. The miles required vary based on the class you want to upgrade to, route, and destinations, yet. You can check the number of miles you have via the official KLM website or the Flying Blue website. You can then contact the KLM customer service or travel agency to upgrade using miles.  

Method 2: Bid an upgrade 

It is applicable to the passengers to whom KLM invites to bid for an upgrade a few days before departure. In that case, you can clcik on the link you get via email and then enter the amount for bidding. In case your Bid is accepted, KLM will notify you 24-48 hours before departure. 

Method 3: Paid upgarde 

In case you don't want to waste your time, you can directly upgrade yourself to the higher class by paying the fare difference. The upgrade price varies based on route, destinations, fare class, etc. 

Method 4: Elite status upgrades 

If you are a member of KLM's Flying Blue Loyalty program, the airline might provide complimentary upgrades to you. It highly depends on your elite status and the availability of upgrades. A higher status level means the chance of getting an upgrade is higher. 

How much does it cost to upgrade in KLM? 

The KLM upgrade cost varies based on various factors, including fare conditions, upgrade class, availability, route, destinations, etc. However, in general, the upgrade cost ranges between $60 to $150 for an Economy Comfort upgrade, between $ 300 to $ 800 for premium economy, and between $ 600 to $ 1500 for business class. 

Conclusion: Reading the details, you must have clarity about how to upgrade seats on KLM. In case more information is needed or you have any doubts, speak to KLM customer service directly using their hotline, or you can visit the KLM official website.

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