How to select a seat on JetBlue?

When a person chooses to fly with JetBlue Airlines, you must consider the seat selection option for more comfort on your journey. Selecting a seat will be very convenient for you as you can take the extra leg space if you have a long haul, take the window seat, get the first-row seat, or as you like. Do you know how to select a seat on JetBlue? If not, you will learn the different methods here of seat selection and the information related to the same. 

JetBlue Seat Selection Policies

There are some policies made for selecting a seat on the JetBlue flight that you must consider reading to learn about the conditions. The policies are as follows:

  • The seat selection can be requested at JetBlue till the check-in for the flight. 
  • There are charges imposed on selecting a preferable seat at JetBlue.
  • The premium members get the preference for the seat assignment.
  • If you fail to select a set on your flight, then you will receive a seat randomly assigned by the airlines. 

Different Methods of JetBlue Seat Selection

There are certain methods available that can be used for selecting a seat on the JetBlue flight. You can change the seat while reserving the flight or after the reservation. Here are the methods listed that are available for the passengers:

Selecting a Seat during the reservation

The first method is to choose your preferred seat during the reservation with the help of the following steps:

  • Go to the website of JetBlue Airlines,
  • Mention the flight ticket requirement in the given tab,
  • Search for the flight and select one that matches your requirement,
  • Now proceed to reserve the flight ticket,
  • You have to mention the passenger details on the given page,
  • Next, tap on the “Seat Selection” option,
  • There you will get options of the available seat to choose,
  • Pick the seat you want and proceed to the next page,
  • Now you have to make the payment of the flight ticket and the JetBlue seat selection charges. 

Seat Selection after reservation

For the passengers who have already reserved a flight with JetBlue Airlines and now want to choose a seat of their choice, then here are the instructions that you must follow:

  • Log your account on JetBlue’s official page,
  • Tap “Manage Trips” and view your bookings,
  • Select the flight ticket in which you need to select a seat,
  • Look for the Seat Selection button to obtain the seat map on the screen,
  • Tap the seat and click on the Proceed button,
  • You have to pay the applicable charges for the selected seat,
  • Then your seat on the JetBlue reserved flight will be confirmed. 

Seat Selection request at the Airport

At the last minute, you are wondering how to get a seat of your choice on the flight, and you are tense about how to select a seat on JetBlue at the airport; you can contact a representative at the help center personally and make a request for the same. The representative will check the availability and share the options; then, you can confirm which seat you would like to get assigned, and by paying for the same, you will be able to select your preferred seat on a JetBlue flight at the airport. 

How does seat selection work on JetBlue?

After going through the available methods of seat selection, now, you are thinking, how does seat selection work on JetBlue? The airlines assign the seats as per your request till the check-in for your flight. If any passenger does not consider the seat selection process, then a random seat will be assigned at the time of check-in,

What are the charges for selecting a seat at JetBlue Airlines?

If you want to know how much does it cost to select a seat on JetBlue, the charges are between $25 to $ 75. It depends on the availability, route, and boarding time at the time of request. 

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