How to change name on Frontier Airlines ticket? 

When a traveler needs to change his name on his booked Frontier Airline flight ticket, the travelers get confused and think about "how to change name on Frontier Airlines ticket" since his name is mistakenly and by some technical errors on the website spelled incorrectly. This blog's information might be helpful for all passengers wondering about making changes to their Frontier Airline reservation tickets.

How can someone change their booking name on a Frontier Airlines flight?

Frontier Airlines has provided various ways to change the passenger's name on their reservation ticket, like online method, customer service number, and at the airport, so passengers can efficiently operate these methods for any booking changes.

Let's understand the online steps of the name change on Frontier Airline tickets:

Travelers who are wondering "how to change name on Frontier Airlines ticket" online can use these mentioned steps on the Frontier Airlines website:

  • When a passenger visits the web portal of Frontier Airlines, he needs to click the "my trips" option on their device.
  • Then, the passenger must enter his confirmation code and last name in the mentioned column.
  • Move to the other page, wherein the reservation data will be available.
  • Now, passengers must click the "change your reservation information" button.
  • Go under the edit personal details section.
  • Then, the traveler must write his correct name in the new name section.
  • Now, he needs to save his new booking changes.
  • Once you make the name change, you may be asked to attach the required documentation to verify your name change, like a government-approved ID.
  • Then, proceed to the next step of paying a penalty fee in which the passengers may change from some name change fee on Frontier Airline tickets.
  • Complete the flight change process and get the confirmation email for a name change on the associated email address.

A name change at the airport: Passengers need to directly visit the Frontier Airline counter at the airport on which they will board their flight and then inform the officials to change their name. Passengers need to follow the instructions of airport officials, and then you may charge some name change fees and servicing charges.

How to change a name on Frontier Airline on the phone?

In case a person is facing a technical glitch or any other problem in completing the name change online on Frontier Airline so the travelers can also contact the Frontier Airline official number -1 800 801 6652, through which they will directly communicate with the Frontier Airline live representative. When a person speaks to the airline agent, he needs to inform the airline agent to change their name and follow further instructions during the call.

Frontier Airlines name change policy.

Some of the essential guidelines are below provided:

  • Travelers can only correct up to 3 characters in the first, middle, or last name.
  • Travelers can eliminate, add and invert their names in the Frontier Airlines booking.
  • Passengers can request their name change under legal activities like divorce decrees and marriage.
  • Passengers who made their reservation via mileage points cannot request the name change on booking.
  • Tickets cannot be transferred to other travelers.
  • As per the airline policy, a new PNR number will be generated for the passenger.
  • Passengers' new names must match government-issued ID like passports and driver's licenses.
  • If the passenger's name doesn't match the legal document, he is not allowed to board the flight.
  • People making changes to their Frontier Airline booking will not charge any penalty fee within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket.

How much does Frontier charge for a name change?

According to the Frontier Airlines name change policy, passengers who will correct their name before their scheduled flight departure on the same booking may need to pay the penalty fee.

  • Passengers will charge 75 USD as a name change charge on Frontier Airline tickets.
  • Passengers must also pay the fare difference amount of previous and new fares.

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