How to change name in Indigo flight ticket?

Indigo Airlines is unblemished in providing the best service to the passengers who choose to fly with them. There can be situations when the passenger would like to understand the name change process with the airline as needed.  Under such scenarios, to be well-informed, they can read on to find the details on; how to change name in Indigo flight ticket; which would help them to have a better understanding of how to initiate the process. 

Indigo name change policy:

The airline has formulated its policy, which the passenger can make a reference to if they want to initiate the name change process with the airline. The details of the same are given below as follows:

  • The passenger cannot make major name changes once the booking has been finalized. They would need to cancel the flight booking with the airline in case such a scenario arises. 
  • The name change that needs to be done by the passenger is only possible if they submit the relevant authorized documents for the same. 
  • In situations and cases of adoption, marriage, or separation that have happened recently, the passenger is entitled to make changes with relevant proof of the same. 
  • Minor name changes can be easily done through the official website via the Manage booking option. 
  • Name changes are not possible with the tickets bought under the category of non-transferable fare purchase that has been done. 

Detailed analysis of Indigo Airlines name change process:

The passengers who have made an understanding of the name change policy with the airline can see through the process that has been described below:

  • Initiating the name change process through the official website:

Name change with the airline can be initiated through the official website by following the steps stated here:

  • Leaf through the contents on the Indigo Airlines official website. 
  • Scan over the page to find the Manage booking icon at the top end and click on it. 
  • Peruse the various drop-down options to find the Edit Booking icon and click on it.
  • Log in with the credentials of the Booking Reference and the Last Name of the passenger to get access to booking details.
  • Scroll on to find the Change My Name link and tap on it. 
  • Follow through all the instructions given to make the necessary name changes. 
  • The team with the airline would share the relevant confirmation mail with the newly updated details. 
  • Name correction with the airline by means of a call:

The passenger can make the correction in the name as per their need by placing a call at 1 (877) 606-2560, where the customer support team would get connected. The passenger just needs to tell in the assistance required for the team with the airline to guide them through. 

  • Commencing the name change with Indigo Airlines at the airport:

The changes in the name can also be initiated with the airline at the airport if there is a need for the same. For the same, the passenger simply needs to be there at the airport for the staff to help in  accordance with the requirement. They just need to make submission of the relevant government-authorized documents of proof to the staff, who would then initiate the process for them. 

Details about the Indigo Airlines name change fees:

If the passenger wants to know; how much does it cost to change name in Indigo ticket; it usually varies in accordance with the gravity of the extension that needs to be done. It usually ranges between 36 USD to 42 USD for the passenger, which can vary in accordance with the situation that arises. 

Final Words: Now, the passenger would have a fair understanding of the details of; how to change name in Indigo flight ticket; which would help them to find the best possible mode that can be chosen if they want to make a change in their flight ticket.

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