How to change Cebu Pacific flight?

One of the leading airlines in the Philippines, Cebu Pacific Air operates flights to over 60 domestic and international destinations across 14 countries. If you want to travel at low-cost ticket prices and do not want to compromise with comfort, too, Cebu Pacific Air is for you. If you already have booked a flight with them and want to change it or reschedule, then you must be thinking, how to change Cebu Pacific flight? Here is all the information you need to know on how to change flights on Cebu Pacific. 

What changes are allowed to be made in Cebu Pacific flight?

Cebu Pacific Air allows you to make changes in your flight but at a cost. With their excellent customer support service, you can make changes with only the date. 

Cebu Pacific flight change policy 

Cebu Pacific Air has a very accommodating and knowledgeable staff who are ready to help you out with any of your queries/issues 24/7. Here are some policies on how to change Cebu Pacific flight which will help you with the process. 

  • If you are changing your flight within 24 hours of the booking, no fees will be charged. 
  • Passengers must submit the request for changing flights more than four hours prior to the flight’s departure. 
  • For flight disruptions, you can change your flight within thirty days without paying any fees. If after thirty days, a fare difference may apply. 

What is the process for changing flights on Cebu Pacific Air? 

Cebu Pacific provides options for changing fights online and offline too. The customer support service will help you with how to change Cebu Pacific flight instantly, without any hassle. 

  • Reach out to customer care services on call or visit their official website. 
  • Provide your personal and travel details. 
  • Tell them all the changes you want to make. 
  • Pay the fees after it is done. 

How can you change flights on Cebu Pacific Air online? 

The steps to change flight online are as follows. 

  • Visit their official website. 
  • On the home page, click on ‘Manage booking’. 
  • Then click on ‘How to rebook a flight’.
  • Follow the steps mentioned on the page. 
  • Choose how you want to rebook via mobile or website.
  • Login to your MyCebuPacific account. 
  • Open ‘My Bookings’. 
  • Select the flight you want to rebook. 
  • Choose from the available flight schedule. 
  • Confirm the flight changes. 
  • Select add-ons. 
  • Review the booking summary. 
  • Pay the fees to complete the process. 

How much does it cost to change Cebu Pacific flight? 

To change or rebook a flight, passengers must pay a service fee in order to rebook their flights. For any voluntarily made changes to your reservation, a change fee is assessed. This includes changing your flight's date or time. Every time a person voluntarily rebooks a flight, a fee is assessed per passenger and per sector. 

Above provided is all the necessary information to make changes to your flight. At Cebu Pacific Air, you will be able to get your hands on one of the most excellent customer care services and an instant solution to your problems. For more information, visit their official website. 

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