How to change Avianca flight?

You have prepared and made everything ready for your scheduled Avianca Airlines flight. But because of some last minute changes, you must change the flight ticket dates. However, for that, you need to know How to change Avianca flight, as only then will you be able to change the flight ticket and have a flight free from all the troubles. You should be well enlightened about the policy and the procedures of the flight change with the Airline so that you can avoid all the troubles that could entertain you during the process.

What is the flight change policy of Avianca Airlines?

Certain terms and conditions mentioned in the policy of flight change need to be on your notice so that you can change the flight without worries. Go through all the details and enlighten yourself about the same before you change your flight ticket:

  • If you have changed your flight ticket within 24 hours of booking, you do not have to pay the charges.
  • You will be entitled to some concession if you are an active member of the Airline Frequent Flyer Program. 
  • You can also use the miles and vouchers to reduce the flight change amount with Avianca Airlines and make it affordable.
  • According to the Avianca flight change Policy, the flight can be changed continuously with Avianca Airline, but you have to pay the charges.
  • You can change the ticket 3 hours before the scheduled flight, after the check-in, but once you have boarded the flight, you can only cancel the tickets.
  • The First and the Business class passengers will be able to receive some concession over the flight change cost.
  • If your health deteriorates during the onboard procedure, you can reschedule the flight anytime.
  • If the tickets were booked from a third party, then you need to get to them for the same.
  • The ticket charges will be dependent on the class, route, etc. therefore, there cannot be a fixed amount for the flight change with Avianca Airlines.

How to change flights at Avianca Airlines online?

If you want to change your flight tickets, then there is a simple procedure that you have to go through. Apart from the flight change, Manage Booking lets you access your ticket details and make the modifications to them:

  • Visit the official website of Avianca Airlines.
  • Then you need to click on Your Booking and then select Manage your booking from the given options.
  • Scroll down and click on “Change Flight” in the middle of the page.
  • Pick the reason why you want to change the flight and then add your Reservation Number and Last Name to open the details.
  • Change the date and other things and follow the instructions.
  • Pay the charges if applicable, and a new ticket will be provided to you.

Can I change my Avianca flights on the phone?

If you are searching for How to change Avianca flight, then the best way would be to connect with them on the phone. The executives of Avianca will be there to help you with everything directly. You should dial 1 (800) 284-2622 their customer service phone number, and provide all the details of your ticket so that the representatives will be able to make changes as required.

How much does it cost to change Avianca flight?

Before you go for a flight change with Avianca Airlines, it is mandatory you should know the price. Though the charges for the flight change depending on the class, destination, ticket type, and the time of flight change but mainly the cost ranges from $200 to $700. You can also use the vouchers and miles that you got from your previous journeys to reduce the amount for the ticket change.

Conclusion: We have discussed everything which will answer How to change Avianca flight, and it will become easier for you to change the flight. For more queries, navigate to the official webpage of Avianca Airlines.

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