How to cancel a Singapore Airlines ticket?

Flight cancellations can be expensive and hectic. But that’s not the case with Singapore Airlines as they understand that cancellations are unavoidable and provide a fair chance to its customers to cancel the flight for free within 24 hours of booking. If you want to cancel your flight, you must know how to cancel a Singapore Airlines ticket. There are numerous ways to do it, such as online through their website or by calling a representative. But there are specific terms and conditions which you must read in the segment below before doing so for a smooth process.

Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy

You must read the Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy mentioned below before canceling your flight to see the rules applicable to your current situation.

  • According to the Policy, you are allowed to cancel your Singapore Airlines flight if it is booked through their official website/ mobile app, call centers, or local office body. 
  • If you have booked it through a travel agency/third party, you must contact the same for cancellation. 
  • A passenger may have booked multiple tickets on a single itinerary. If they have used a part of their itinerary, they are also eligible to cancel the remaining ones. But, the rules of the fare would be applicable.
  • If you have booked additional services such as hotel stays and car rentals with the flight, you can cancel your flight only by calling the Singapore Airlines customer service number.  
  • You are eligible for a free cancellation if your flight gets late for more than 4 hours and you wish to cancel it.

Can you cancel a Singapore Airlines ticket within 24 hours?

You can cancel your Singapore Airlines flight within 24 hours of booking with some extra benefits. But certain norms must be considered, as mentioned below.

  • If you cancel your refundable fare at Singapore Airlines within 24 hours of reservation and seven days before the travel date, you are not required to pay any cancellation charges.
  • You must pay the cancellation charges if you are willing to cancel your refundable ticket after 24 hours of reservation, and the remaining amount is refundable.
  • Passengers willing to cancel their non-refundable ticket within 24 hours of reservation are eligible for a Travel Credit instead of a cash refund.
  • Your entire amount will be forfeited if you cancel your non-refundable fare type after 24 hours of booking at Singapore Airlines.

How to cancel a flight with Singapore Airlines?

You can cancel your Singapore Airlines flight online or by calling a representative. Have a look at both processes for your convenience.

Online method:

You must replicate the steps described below to cancel your Singapore Airlines flight online.

  • Open the website 
  • Sign in to your existing Singapore Airlines account and reach their Cancellations Webpage.
  • Fill in the Confirmation Number and the passenger’s name to search for the booking details.
  • Click the Cancel Reservation option, enter the Reservation number, First & Last name, and click OK.
  • You will now find the details of your flight on the Screen, review them and if you want to apply for a refund, choose the Travel Funds option, or you can request the amount through other modes.
  • The reimbursed amount will reflect in the source account within 7-10 business days.

Via Call:

You can also cancel your Singapore Airlines flight by calling their customer service number at +65-6223-8888 and choosing the cancellation option. Share your booking information with the executive, and they will cancel your flight after verifying the details, and they will instantly drop a confirmation email. 

Hence, the abovementioned ways can answer how to cancel a Singapore Airlines ticket conveniently. However, you can also cancel your Singapore Airlines flight by visiting their booking office with your e-ticket and government-issued id proof to confirm the details. You can call their customer service number for more information.

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