How to book flight ticket for infant?

Are you traveling with your child, and would you like to ensure your kids require a seat on your reserved flight? All the details you need to know about infant reservations are given in the context. Make sure to read it thoroughly to learn about how to book flight ticket for infant on an already reserved flight or about to make a reservation.

The process of making the reservation for infant

The Online Process:

Many airlines provide your infant at the time of reservation. If you would like to bring car seats, your child can also get car seats, but you need to make a reservation for a seat. Make the reservation as you usually would using the official page of the airline, and when you give personal details and add in-flight service, you can also add your kid to the booking.

Customer service:

Suppose you do not want to reserve a seat and want to keep your little one on your lap. You must inform the service team department. And there are specific rules and policies for lap infant babies on board. You can get the customer service number of the airlines on the official page of the airlines, call the service team department, provide the document if required for your kid, and add your kid to your reservation.

Via agency:

If you have made a reservation using the agency and not on the official website, you must call the agency to add the child to the reservation. Call the service directly and ask for the agency's required information, or call the airline's customer service to know about the infant reservation.

How do I add an infant to a booked flight?

The above process is given for the reservation you will make. This passenger will explain the ways you can add your little one after the reservation has been made on the airline. The procedure is used to add your kid to the reservation only if you require a car seat.

· Open the official page of the airline.

· Then you need to click on the My Trip or Manage my booking option.

· Type in the reservation code and surname.

· Click on the flight details and click the "special service request" option.

· You must then fill in the details, add your child, and you are good to go.

· You do not have to make any extra payment to add a little to your existing flight tickets.

Lap infant policy:

To avoid any confusion at the time of boarding, it is always a better idea to know about the policy of the airlines. These are the common rules that most airlines have. You can go through and plan accordingly.

· Most airlines allow children under 0 - 2 years without any reservation, and this is known as lap infants.

· Only one kid is allowed to be lap seated per parent.

· If there are two or more kids, then you must purchase separate seats.

· You need to provide proof of your child's age in case of lap seated.

· Children above 2 need separate seats.

· If parents want to bring the car seat, they are not allowed to sit in or near the exit row.

Baggage policy for infants:

There are also baggage rules and regulations for kids. And these rules can vary from airline to airline. But for your reference, the common rule for infant baggage is provided below.

· Major airlines allow parents to bring extra luggage for their infants.

· You can also bring strollers and car seats free of cost.

· Check with the airlines for any liquid item you want to carry.

Wrap up:

All the information regarding flying with infants and the answer for How to book flight ticket for infant is also given with simplified explanations. You can read through the article and get basic information on infants onboard.

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