How to add pet on United flight?

Traveling with family holds a lot of responsibilities, and you should have the required knowledge as well. If the family includes a pet then you should know everything that will make the journey comfortable for the pet and you. Knowing how to add pet on united flight, what is the pet policy of the Airline and what charges you will be required to pay will make this convenient and quick for you to get through the journey. We are going to discuss everything that will enlighten you about traveling with a pet further in this read.

United Airlines pet policy

Before you start traveling with a pet on United Airlines, it is essential to know all the terms and conditions so you and the pet do not have to face any inconvenience. The policy has been discussed below, and you need to explore it attentively:

  • United Airlines allows only cats and dogs to travel in the cabin only when the space is available.
  • You can travel with up to two pets on a single flight booking with the Airline. 
  • When you are traveling with two pets, two seats need to be booked so the pets can be placed on the seat next to you. 
  • If you are wondering how to add pet on united flight, then it can be done by Manage Booking, on the phone, or at the Airport, but it cannot be done on the app. 
  • The Airline does not have any breed limitations, so any pet from any breed can be carried on the flight. 
  • The pets need to be brought in a carrier that is safe for them with proper ventilation and required facilities.
  • Only the service animals can travel without any carrier.
  • The carrier should be comfortable for the pet in that they will be able to stand, sit and turn around without any problem. 
  • The Airline has two carriers available, hard and soft-sided. 
  • The soft-sided must be under 27×45×27, and the hard-sided must be under 19×44×30 cm dimensions as it needs to be placed under the seat in front of you. 
  • Make sure you bring all the materials, such as the collapsible water bottle, leash, treats, and plastic bags that will be helpful in taking care of the pets. 
  • Bringing a blanket, favorite toy, or a pillow that will smell familiar to them will be helpful to keep them calm during the journey.
  • Many Airports have pet relief areas and you can access the location by using the official application of United. 

What are the procedures through which pets can be added to United flights?

Before you start the journey, it is mandatory to know how to add pet on united flight, so adding pets to the flight can be convenient and quick. There are a number of ways through which the pet can be added, such as online, by phone, and through the Airport helpdesk, and we have discussed all these mediums below: 

Online: While you are thinking of adding a pet to the reservations, it is not needed to contact the customer executives. It can be done online by using Manage Booking, which lets you handle the booking and make modifications to it. The following steps need to be followed to add a pet to the already booked flight: 

  • Visit the official website of United Airlines.
  • Click on My Trips given on the homepage.
  • Then, enter the confirmation number with the last name to find the journey.
  • Get to the Menu and open the recent flight from the given options.
  • Scroll down, click on Add, and select Pet from the list.
  • A form will appear and enter the details such as the age, breed and other information. 
  • Submit the form and follow the further instructions for the payment.
  • After the process is completed, a confirmation with the ticket can be downloaded from the website. 

Phone: If you are in a hurry and not be able to follow the whole procedure of adding a pet to the booking then it can be done by contacting the customer service of the Airline. You just have to dial 1 (800) 864-8331, the phone number, and get through further instructions given by an auto-generated voice, listen to the IVR menu and pick the booking option. Select the pet, and other details need to be provided to the representatives on the phone so they can add the pet. The flight ticket with confirmation will be sent via email or can be downloaded from the website. 

How much does United charge for pets?

Traveling with pets would not be free, and you will be required to pay for the reservation. The cost for the booking depends on the class, location, fare/ticket type, etc., and the amount can be paid online or by visiting the helpdesk of United at the Airport. You have to pay $125 each way to travel with a pet, and the pets cannot be added to the flight via the United app.

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