Elaboration of booking process with airline for overweight person

Airlines always tend to provide the best of services to all, inclusive of the type of traveler. As part of the same, the airlines have given a lot of flexibility and scope for overweight people to travel quite easily. All the major airlines thus have the scope for easy and seamless travel as part of the travel modes they formulate. You just need to be in alignment with the booking process and other aspects of travel, which is a bit different for an overweight person than a normal one. No airline has ever stopped a person from flying because of they are overweight. In case you are in doubt on; how do you fly if you are overweight?; you can read through the details that are given here, which will help you to comprehend the same. 

The process to book a flight for an overweight person:

There are indeed different ways available to make the booking for an overweight person, which you can read through. This will help you choose the mode that is most comfortable for you. 

Reservation of ticket via the online portal:

The most sought-after mode of booking would be through the online portal. While the booking process is being carried out, you can book an additional seat for comfortable seating. The simple methodology that can be followed for the same is:

  • Breeze through the airline's official website. 
  • Click on the Find Flights link provided. 
  • Enter the details of the travel as per the requirement. 
  • An array of flight options would be shown to you. 
  • Choose the flight as per the plans you have. 
  • Enter the passenger details and other relevant information. 
  • Put in the Extrseat in the name space provided as first name. 
  • The name can be put in as a last name. 
  • Proceed further with the booking process as per the requirement. 
  • Select the seat along with the extra seat and make the payment. 
  • The team would share an email of confirmation for the same. 

Important note: All the airlines allow you to book an additional seat by entering the passenger details as Extra Seat and then your name. This would help the airline to decipher than an additional seat is required and calculate the payment accordingly. 

Booking for overweight person on call:

For overweight people, a direct call can be placed with the airline's customer service team to book tickets. You just need to fill out the specifications of the extra seating required after which the agent would do the necessary formalities to make the booking on your behalf. An additional payment would be levied off for the same. 

What is the best seat on a plane for a fat person?

The best-suited seat for a fat person would be the aisle seat as it provides ample space for you to have a comforting, relaxing journey where you get to stretch easily and sit worry-free without creating hassle for the other passengers without moving past them. 

What is the most fat-friendly airline? 

Among all the airlines, Singapore Airlines is considered to the most fat-friendly airline wherein the seat has a width ranging between 28 go 38 inches even in the Economy class for long haul-flights. This would provide you with much required space needed for that seamless travel experience. Trailing behind the same is United Airlines which also have the needed seating space with 17 to 19 inch dimensions. 

Is it possible for a 350 pound person to sit in an airline seat?

Yes, it is possible for a 350-pound person to sit in an airline seat. For the same, booking can be made for an extra seat which allows and gives you the much required room for sitting through an enjoyable flight ride. 

Are there policies governing flight for fat person?

Even though there are no written rules for the fat person to travel in a plane, certain pointers are emphasized by the airline as part of: How do you fly if you are overweight? which are given here in detail:

  • Prebook an additional seat with the airline and notify the team of all the requirements you have as a passenger on the flight you would be taking. 
  • Make sure to have a booking of the aisle seat under special request or reserve the seats that have more legroom space. 
  • Inform the airline well in advance if you would like to take in medical equipment that need to be carried during journey so that the airline can make arrangements accordingly. 
  • Check over the arm rest policy with the airlines you have booked with as certain airlines tend to have a stringent policy for the same. 

Is there additional fee for overweight person to travel?

Yes, indeed most of the airline charge an additional fee for overweight person. They may need to buy extra seat or larger seats which tends to make them spend more than the normal cost charged. 

Do airlines have a maximum body weight to fly?

There is no restricting factor or maximum body weight that is set by any airline for you to fly. The airlines mostly required that you fit in the single seat allocated to you and comfortably fasten the seat belt extender that is provided. Even when the seating is inadequate an extra seat can be reserved for the same. 

What is the best tip for an overweight person to fly?

The best tip that can be followed is to make an advance comfortable seat selection, notify the airline and the staff beforehand, go over warm-up exercises in flight, be hydrated, and wear compression garments. 

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