How do I talk to a person at Allegiant Air?

Are you pondering over How do I talk to a person at Allegiant Air? You have landed at the exact right place. We are about to share some of the best options that one may consider getting help for their flight bookings made at Allegiant. Let us consider some of the best methods available to get help for Allegiant flight bookings. 

How to talk to a person at Allegiant Air via Phone Call 

Consumers can get help and support for their reservations by communicating with the support executives using the helpline. Here is a step-by-step guide that one can follow as far as how do I talk to a person at Allegiant Air is concerned.  

  • People need to navigate to the official Allegiant Air website where they are able to find the contact details on the website. 
  • People need to select the customer support option on the page by selecting the contact us option in order to locate the customer support helpline. 
  • Dial the hotline (+1-702-505-8888) and you will hear an automated voice on the call delivering multiple options or prompts on the call. 
  • Select option 1 for an ongoing or upcoming flight reservation. 
  • Select option 2 for cancellations and refunds. 
  • Select option 3 for baggage claim requests. 
  • Select option 4 for seat selection. 
  • Select option 5 for check-in. 
  • Select option 6 for customer support for your flight booking. 
  • Select option 2 on the secondary menu followed by option 6 in the primary menu to get proper support for your flight bookings. 
  • A representative from the customer support team will answer your call shortly. 
  • Once connected with the support executives, people are able to discuss all their doubts and queries with the customer support agents on the call to get ample support for their flight reservations.
  • One can also take notes of the conversation with the support representatives to get help for their reservations or for future reference purposes. 

Allegiant Air Customer Service live chat. 

If you are still wondering how do I talk to a person at Allegiant air, you can select the live chat option to get ample support for your Allegiant reservations. People can initiate a live chat to get support from a customer support live person. 

  • Initiate a live chat by selecting the chat option on the main website. 
  • Another window will pop open on your screen, where you can locate the chat window. 
  • Post your queries or you may also select any option from a pre-decided menu on the page to get help and support for your flight reservation. 
  • A virtual live agent will join the chat instantly to offer the best guidance and support for your bookings. 
  • The live chat options remain active 24x7 to offer help and assistance to passengers having Allegiant flight reservations. 

Allegiant Air Customer support email address. 

People can connect with Allegiant Air Customer Service by composing an email and getting help with their flight reservations. A customer service agent working at Allegiant is able to release a prompt reply within 48 hours of receiving your email to offer proper support and help to customer service agents. 

Social media. 

People are able to tag @Allegiant air on their social media posts to receive a quick reply from the concerned agents for help and support. One can also direct message Allegiant air via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a ticket on the phone?

Yes, you can book your ticket by joining a ticket sales officer on the call. However, requesting a reservation on the call will add the service charge to your ticket.

What is Allegiant Air's phone number?

To get the customer support of Allegiant Air on the phone, dial 1 (702) 505-8888 and get their representative for help.

Do passengers have to wear masks on Allegiant flights?

No, a mask is not a necessity for traveling with Allegiant, but passengers can carry it if they wish.

What are Allways Rewards on Allegiant Air?

Earn points and extra perks by being a member of Allways Allegiant. Use these points further for booking or include inflight services or other facilities in your booking.

Can I merge two Allways Accounts?

Yes, dial (702) 505-8888 and request the agent to merge the two accounts.

How do I create an Allways account?

To create a new Allways account, click on the link to reach their official Allways Reward page.

Are there any items restricted on Allegiant flights?

Yes, there are many items that can harm the passengers that are prohibited from bringing on the plane. Refer to this link to know more.

How do I track lost baggage complaints?

Allegiant will share the progress with the passengers via email. You can refer to your email to know the live status of your baggage. You will also get a number to track your lost items report.

When will I receive my baggage?

Allegiant can take up to 45 days to get your bag back to you.

How can I change the date of the Allegiant flight?

You can simply visit the "Manage my Booking" section to make any change to the date or destination of your existing ticket.

Can I change my name on the flight ticket?

No, complete change of the name on the ticket is prohibited, but passengers can change up to three characters in their name. 

Can I get alcohol on the flight?

No, passengers are not allowed to bring alcohol or any other liquid on the flight. However, the Allegiant Air crew member will serve you the alcohol on the flight.

Is smoking prohibited on the flight?

Yes, the passengers are not allowed to smoke and chew tobacco on the flight.

Does Allegiant provide Wi-Fi service on the flight?

No, passengers cannot access the Wi-Fi service on the plane. 


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