How do I get a human on Aeromexico?

If ever a comparison is made among different airlines, then you will come across the name of Aeromexico Airlines because its policies are largely customer-oriented, for example, Extra luggage facility, Easy booking, cancellation policy, and other services. If you are planning a trip and also planning to use Aeromexico services and thinking how do I get a human on Aeromexico to know about the multiple services, discounts, offers, flight timings, and about other things, the following points will help you in that way:

Different methods to reach Aeromexico customer support:

Get a human via Phone Call

If you ever wonder to know about the policies and services of Aeromexico, you can always give a call to the customer executive that will resolve each of your queries, and the number of the executive is +52 (55) 5133 4000 (the official number). Once you dial a number, the following IVR options will be there:

•             Press 1 and choose your language.

•             Press 2 to book your ticket.

•             Press 3 to cancel your ticket.

•             Press 9 to get a human on Aeromexico

Connect via Chat

Suppose your call is not answered (which is the rarest case; usually, they respond via call at the very moment you call them). To deliver the best services to the customers, Aeromexico has also provided a way for passengers to get connected with them via online chat. Have a look at the process of it:

•             Visit the official website. (

•             On the home page, scroll down, and there will be an option for “live chat.”

•             Click on it and raise your query.  (you will be answered to all your questions; there is a specific time period which is mentioned there itself.)

Connect Via Social Media

These days, who have smartphones, can easily be found to be active on social media as they have made social media platforms not merely an entertainment platform but also a platform of information. So, Aeromexico, to provide hassle-free resolution to the customers of their queries and also to vanish the doubt of How do I get a human on Aeromexico? has provided different Social Media handles so customers can get customer support at Aeromexico:

•             Facebook-

•             Instagram -

•             Twitter- 

Connect Via feedback form

There is also an opportunity to contact Aeromexico customer service, which is the Complaint Form, where you can ask for comments or compliments about the services of Aeromexico to the customer executive. Have a look at a way to get the form:

•             Visit the official website of Aeromexico.

•             Find the “contact us” option on the home page.

•             Click on “customer service.”

•             Then you have to fill in the details (personal information, flight information, etc.).

•             Once you have filled it, click on “submit.”

These are the multiple easy ways to get Aeromexico Customer service, and they get in touch as soon as the request of any query reaches them. And suppose you are not answered by the mentioned methods, you can also email them at, and the subject can be Refund, Lost baggage and etc.

Frequently asked questions for Aeromexico

How do I call Aeromexico from Mexico?

Suppose you want to use the ticket reservation services of Aeromexico and you want to fly locally for that, you want to know some of the available offers on the tickets after knowing that you can make a selection of the cheapest ticket available and call Aeromexico from Mexico you have to make a call on their local number that is (55) 5133 4000 after you make a call you get connected to a portal from there you have to select a language than your issue or any other service that you like to use and after that, you have to tell your issues, or you can also use any of the services that are available there, and this resolves all the issues that you were facing earlier 

How much does it cost to change a flight on Aeromexico?

So you want to make changes to your flight as you changed your plan recently and now you want to know if there is a cost and if there is then what is that amount that you have to give to Aeromexico to change your ticket so you have to give a cost up to $500 that all varies as per your class you are traveling and your route of the journey as well this is the cost if you cancel your ticket after free window of cancellation of ticket of Aeromexico

What is the cancellation policy for Aeromexico?

  • There is a cancelation policy of Aeromexico that says if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking the ticket then you can get all the refund money off your ticket as the original form 
  • The departure time of your flight must be seven days or more from the date of cancellation then only you are eligible for refunds from Aeromexico
  • Passengers who have purchased nonrefundable tickets are not entitled to get a refund once the risk-free cancelation window is over 
  • If you cancel within 3 days prior to the departure of the Aeromexico flight then you won't get any refund from the airlines

Now you should be able to call Aeromexico after you make a call if there are any issues that you were facing with them, also if you want a cancelation of your ticket with Aeromexico, then you have to read the cancelation policies as well for Aeromexico also you have to pay a cost for cancelation if you are canceling risk-free window of cancelation of tickets  


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