How do I change my seat on Emirates?

Emirates Airlines is a well-known international air carrier serving flight services to many different countries. It connects the United Arab Emirates to other parts of the world. The Airline provides a facility for a seat change, and it is still possible to choose the desired seat as per travelers' needs. Many passengers need to understand how do I change my seat on Emirates effectively without any problems.

Mainly, travelers change their seats due to some operational circumstances or to get comfort during air travel as they want. They can do it with or without the Emirates seat change fee, which depends on the conditions.

Get your favorite seat:

Travelers can select a new seat from the available option during air ticket booking or just before flight departure with some extra payment. It depends on travelers which seat types they want to travel with and what additional comforts they want, like extra legroom or near the window. They can quickly come out with issues of how do I change my seat on Emirates, even easily select and check through online.

When can Travelers change their seats?

Travelers can change their seat at least either within 24 hours of booking for free or before 2 hours of flight departure with some extra fees which depend on seat types. Passengers are able to select seats before making any reservation, but still, they have chosen the desired seat after confirmation of air ticket booking.

Process of Seat change in Emirates:

Emirates Airlines allows travelers to change seats with some processes they need to follow. They can use the following two ways to change seats which can provide comfort and reduce unnecessary worries about how do I change my seat on Emirates with these easy steps.

Use Online method:

Travelers can change their seats before departure online but need internet access. Follow the steps to change successfully.

  • Travelers can go to the standard website
  • They need to log in to their account from a registered mail id.
  • Click on manage to show the manage booking/check-in option.
  • Mention the traveler's last name and booking reference number. 
  • It will show a modified option that allows them to choose available and desired seats.
  • After selecting a seat, pay for successful changes in the desired seat.
  • It will be updated soon; travelers can see their details after rechecking. They can also get some confirmation about successful seat changes on their registered mail id.

Use Phone:

The phone is the quickest method for travelers looking for seat changes and wanting to talk to a live representative. The professional executives will help passengers with this on-call. They can call the customer care number at +1 (800) 777-3999 and follow the following steps to change seats.

  • Travelers can contact customer support service.
  • They can wait on call till a representative responds.
  • They can ask about seat change from executives.
  • Also, tell them the traveler's last name and booking reference number.
  • The executives will assist regarding travelers' seat changes.

Emirates Airlines Seat change policy:

It is essential before making any seat change in the Airline. It provides all the latest details about seat changes and includes all changes which may depend on when they want to change their seat and its types. Also, Emirates seat change policy allows passengers to go with the best available seats for air travel.

  • Travelers can choose the new desired seat according to their preferences.
  • Emirates Airlines have free seat changes for business and first class.
  • The amount for seats like window, aisle, front, or back will vary.
  • Travelers whose age is less than 18 years cannot select a seat of their own choice.
  • Senior citizens and pregnant women cannot choose seats online; they must contact the concerned Airport authority before departure. They will analyze travelers' medical conditions and give the best suitable seats. 
  • Also, kids, senior citizens, and seniors need help selecting emergency exit seats. 

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