How do I change my seat on AirAsia?

When a booking is confirmed with AirAsia, a seat is automatically assigned. Suppose you want to know How do I change my seat on AirAsia, specific terms, and conditions with a designed process that has to be followed to change the seat. AirAsia is a low-cost airline, and the tickets are already given at a low price, so a fee is charged for the additional services provided to the passengers. AirAsia allows every passenger traveling with the airline to take the desired seat according to their comfort or medical requirements.

Seat change/selection policy of AirAsia:

  • On payment of a fee, a passenger can choose or change the seat on the scheduled flight.
  • Change of seat is subject to availability of the desired seat.
  • A passenger can choose a seat on an AirAsia flight anytime during booking, check-in, or till 4 hours before the scheduled flight's departure.
  • If a passenger is already onboard, a request can be made for larger seats with attached baby seats and can be assigned on payment of the fare difference, if available.
  • If you have any medical conditions that will need a particular seat, a request can be made anytime for assigning the seat on the scheduled flight.
  • If you choose a seat from an upgraded class, the fare difference has to be paid.

Can I change seat after booking AirAsia? 

Yes, a seat can be changed after booking an AirAsia flight. A passenger can choose a seat according to their preference in the following procedure elaborated below:

Online process: AirAsia has a straightforward and easy process online, where you can change or select your desired seat on an AirAsia flight. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the official website of AirAsia
  • Click on the “Manage” icon on the homepage
  • Enter the origin, destination, and flight number
  • Find the booking information for AirAsia
  • Select the change/select seat option
  • Choose the preferred seat from the seat map 
  • Pay the fees and fare difference 
  • Follow the other instructions to complete the process.
  • An email will be received on your registered email address on the assignment of the seats.

The best part is you can access this online procedure anytime, 4 hours before boarding the flight.

Call to change the seat: AirAsia’s customer service is always available to assist passengers with their travel needs. You can contact customer service for information and help on How do I change my seat on AirAsia after the booking is done. Just do as given to connect with an AirAsia representative:

  • Dial 080-46662222
  •  Hear the IVR to know the option to connect with a customer service person
  • Request for information on fees and availability of your preferred seat
  • Pay the fees for the seat change 
  •  The customer service person will immediately confirm the assigned seat.
  • You can also acquire other information regarding change of seats on the AirAsia flight.

At the airport: you can request an AirAsia person at the airport counter to assign you a preferred seat during the check-in process for the Air Asia flight. On the condition of availability, the seat will be given on payment of required fees.

Therefore read the above information on How do i change my flight on AirAsia for a comfortable journey.

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