Details pertinent to extra baggage for a seamless flight experience. 

What a relief you tend to get when there is flexibility for the baggage you carry in an airline! Mostly, all the airlines that take up long and short-haul flights tend to give you with the option to carry in extra baggage under some rules and regulations undersigned. So, for the reservation made with a specific airline, if you would like to know; How do I add extra baggage to my flight booking?; the entire details of the same are given here for you to look over and form an understanding. This would help you to pack accordingly for the trip you intend to take. 

What is the process of adding extra baggage to flight booking?

There are various modes available to add extra baggage for the flight booking, the specifications to which is given here as follows:

Addition of baggage through the online portal:

The most sought after mode to add in extra baggage to the flight booking would be through the official website. The steps to be followed on; How do I add extra baggage to my flight booking?;  is stated here as given:

  • Skim over the airline's official website. 
  • Navigate across the page to find the My Booking icon. 
  • Enter the credentials as being asked to retrieve the booking page. 
  • Scroll down to find the flight for which baggage needs to be added. 
  • Check the menu list options to find the extra baggage link. 
  • Add in all the details, make the payment, and submit. 
  • A confirmation email will be sent shortly by the team.

Baggage addition by means of a call:

The airline also allows you to add extra baggage by phone. You just need to call the airline's customer support team, who will ask for all the details pertaining to the additional baggage and make a booking for it on your behalf. The additional baggage fee would need to be paid after which the booking would be confirmed. 

Make a visit to the airport for extra baggage inclusion:

A direct visit can be made to the airport for the extra baggage that needs to be added to the airline. For the same, you need to reach the airport well before the time of departure and go to the airport ticket counter. Give in the details of the additional baggage that you are carrying so that the staff can accordingly calculate the cost for the extra luggage that you are carrying. Make a payment for the to proceed with the check-in process. 

Is it cheaper to buy extra baggage online or at the airport?

It is always cheaper to buy extra luggage online rather than at the airport. This would help you plan your trip well for the hassle-free check-in and boarding process. Indeed, it also prevents you from getting denied boarding at the airport due to the extra baggage you are carrying. Also, in case of the online mode, you tend to have permission to take along all the luggage as all the prior formalities have been completed. 

How much does it cost to take extra luggage on a flight?

The cost of the extra luggage you need to carry on the flight depends on its weight and dimensions. It is also influenced by the fare class you are traveling to, the destination you traveled to, and the total distance covered. Accordingly, you can be charged anywhere between 100 USD and 200 USD or more, which can vary as per the requirement. 

Can the price for extra baggage be paid online or at the airport?

It is always advisable to make the payment for the extra baggage online, as it allows you to avail of the best price possible for the same. 

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