How do I add a pet to my Frontier ticket?

You have reservations with Frontier Airline and want to add a pet as they are more like a family member. The Airline understands the passenger's emotions and mainly focuses on keeping your dog, cat, and hamster safe, so they have given two choices either you can add at the initial booking and existing booking or the Airport ticket counter. If the customer wants to know how do I add a pet to my Frontier ticket, here is the simple process that passengers must read.

For Initial Booking:

  • First, passengers should head toward Frontier Airlines' official website and click on the Book tab, which is given on the portal.
  • Kindly fill in the details like arrival and departure airport, date, and more; you will see the available scheduled flights selected from the given choices.
  • Now you need to enter the passenger info, and at the bottom, you will find the additional services tab where the option opens up exceptional service, pet cabin, and more.
  • Select the pet cabin and complete the booking by providing the necessary documents.

For Existing Booking:

  • You should go to my trips to learn how do I add a pet to my Frontier ticket.
  • Travelers must enter their last name and PNR number to view the booked itinerary details.
  • Once you fill in the details, the page will be forwarded to manage booking options, where you can add special services or a pet cabin. Click on it to complete the process.
  • At last, you will proceed to pay the charges for pet reservations.

How much does it cost to add a pet on Frontier?

Few Airlines understand that any trip or vacation is complete without including pets. So, Frontier Airlines is one Airline that makes air travel pet-friendly or more convenient for any worldwide destination. The Airline has set some charges that will apply if you travel with your pet, as it may differ for service animals or regular pets. 

  • Passengers should pay around $99 per pet in the cabin each way, but service animals have different rules. They can travel free of charge.
  • Your pet can fly with you under the issued width length of carrier 18,14,8, which means more prominent pet owners must figure out another way.
  • Airlines have a few terms and conditions under which you must ensure your pet has the necessary documents to enter another country.
  • Passengers should have informed the Airline that they want to carry their pet before 48 hours of departure.

What paperwork do I need to fly with my dog on Frontier Airlines?

The Airline demands three essential documents to carry your pet with them.

  • You must have a medical or mental health professional verification certificate.
  • A pet health certificate issued by Veterinarian.
  • And the last traveler acknowledgment form.
  • These mandatory documents must be submitted to the Airline support team member before 48 hours of the Scheduled Departure. Once you have submitted these, you do not need to update the paperwork often.
  • The Airline customer service will verify all the documents needed to grant your pet travel permission.

What must be included in a pet health Certificate?

There must be a few things that passengers should be aware of regarding your pet's health certificate.

  • Immunization against rabies is within 12 months, and for adult pets, the time frame is three months.
  • The owner must have a certificate that states that the pet is free from parasites and treated for parasite prevention.
  • Hepatitis, PIP, and Leptospirosis are a few mandatory vaccinations that have been done.
  • If your pet is traveling to Canada, then the rabies vaccination certificate is a must by a licensed veterinarian.
  • You must carry a health certificate, which may include parasitic treatment for those dogs and cats transported to Canada.

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