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Mistakes always happen in a hurry. Making a mistake doesn’t mean you won’t be able to change it. If the date of birth on the flight ticket you have been given is wrong, then you may contact them for help. JetBlue, being a major carrier around the US, helps with all your requirements at best. If you are looking for aid with Can you change date of birth on JetBlue ticket, you may go through the details mentioned in the article below and then be able to make changes to the booking. 

JetBlue date of birth change policy. 

About making changes to the date of birth of the passenger, there are certain guidelines and policies to be followed. These guidelines are explained below: 

  • Date of birth change is allowed to that ticket, with which you are not making name changes to the ticket. 
  • Upon changing the date of birth on a JetBlue ticket, you are not allowed to resell the ticket to any other passenger. 
  • The date of birth on the ticket and on your passport or any identification proof must be the same. Failing, you can be denied boarding and also entry to the airport. 
  • A complete change to the passenger’s date of birth is not possible. Only a few modifications are allowed. 
  • In case you put an affidavit to change the date of birth on government-issued documents, you will also have to get the same done to your booking. 
  • Name correction and date of birth correction with a JetBlue flight are considered to come under one roof. Thus, the name correction policy also applies to the date of birth change policy. 

What are the documents required to change the passenger’s date of birth? 

There are certain documents you must produce to the airline while making changes to the date of birth of the same. 

  • You must hold a valid state-approved identity proof that has been accepted by the US. 
  • Proof of date of birth, as approved by the US government. 
  • A passport with validity of the travel dates. 

How can I change my date of birth on JetBlue?

After reading through the guidelines mentioned below, you can even read the given details and get an idea of the process by which you can change the date of birth of the passenger. It is an online process, and you may easily complete the process following the given steps: 

  • Visit through JetBlue Airlines’ official website,
  • Go to the Manage Trips option and salvage the reservation using the passenger’s last name and the booking reference number. 
  • On being taken to the mentioned summary page, you may click on the menu icon list and then choose the passenger details option. 
  • Then, go to the related page and click on the edit option. 
  • Now, make the required changes to the date of birth and pay the related fee through the on-screen instructions. 
  • Once you are done with the same, you shall receive an email regarding the changes with a new ticket attached to it. 

Change the date of birth through the call process. 

You may be allowed to make changes to the date of birth only in a few instances. You may choose to go through the change you are looking for upon dialing the number and then looking to find an appropriate solution from the airline. The steps through which you may reach out to them are as follows: 

  • Dial 1 800 538 2583 and select a choice of language from the given options. 
  • You shall then be availed of a set of voice instructions. Follow them thoroughly and then choose one from them. 
  • Soon, you will be able to connect with a real-time executive from the JetBlue customer service team. 
  • Explain the problems well to the customer service executive and find the best solution for them. 

Send an email to change the date of birth. 

If the date of birth on the ticket you have bought from JetBlue has been made by mistakenly incorrect, you may put up a request for it to be changed. You may get to the email compose box, explain the issues, provide supporting documents and required documents as proof to the email, and then send the same to JetBlue’s official email address, Also, provide all the contact details so that the airline can reach out to you. The airline will get back to you with an answer to Can you change date of birth on JetBlue ticket within 24 hours from when you have sent the email. Along with the possibilities, the executive shall also guide you if there are charges to be paid. 

Summing Up- Hopefully, the details above must have helped with the information through which you may be allowed to change the date of birth on the flight tickets. However, if there is any other query you are pertaining to, you may connect with the airline or visit JetBlue’s official website for assistance. 


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