Dothan Airport, Alabama

Dothan Airport, also known as Dothan Regional Airport, is a public airport in Dothan, Alabama. It is the primary commercial airport for the Dothan metropolitan area and serves as a hub for various airlines. Delta Connection is the only airline that currently flies out of Dothan Regional Airport, with daily non-stop flights to Atlanta. To learn more about Dothan Airport, Alabama, so, learn about it by getting through this article simply. Also, it is a modern facility offering an airport that provides passengers with a range of services and amenities, including free Wi-Fi, dining options, and parking, or general aviation facilities, including a fixed-base operator, a flight school, and a hangar.

How to contact Dothan Airport?

Simply looking to contact the Dothan Airport to attire some information regarding up coming flights; for this, you are searching for the ways how to contact Dothan Airport, so there are few methods which help you in contacting the airport person; therefore, to do this must get through the below things readily. 

Visit the Airport: you look for help from the customer service person; for that, you must visit the airport support person at this address at 800 Airport Dr, Dothan, AL 36303. Meet with them, directly communicate with the live agent, share your issues, and get reliable help from the airport person. 

Call the Airport person: You can simply speak to the airport person by calling them on the Dothan Airport Phone Number at (334) 983-8100. However, if you seek how to get it, there are a few steps that you must pursue it; 

  1. Visit the Dothan Airport 
  2. Find the contact support section, 
  3. Bear the phone number and call the live person
  4. Get any reliable assistance that you need on any topic.

Connect on social media: A passenger can directly connect with the Dothan Airport on social media; however, if you seek to reach there, you need to get through the customer service page of the airport and find the social media options you will get below. After that, open the link to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Go for sharing your conflicts with them on social chat, and attain a reliable answer to your concerns.

  • Facebook-
  • Instagram-
  • Twitter-

When does Dothan Airport open?

The Dothan Airport opens at 4 am. However, if you seek to look reach the airport,

What airlines fly out of Dothan airport?

If you search for What airlines fly out of Dothan airport, the Dothan Regional Airport (DHN) in Alabama was primarily served by Delta Connection, operated by SkyWest Airlines. 

What to do if I lost or found something at Dothan Airport?

If you lost or found something at the Dothan Airport, it's best to contact their Lost and Found department or the airport's information desk. They will be able to guide you on the next steps to take and assist you in reuniting with your lost item or helping return a found item to its owner. It's a good idea to reach out as soon as possible to increase the chances of a successful recovery.

Also, the airport support offers the lost and found number to discuss this with the airport agent. However, if you look for how to do this, you must pursue the down steps:

  • Visit Dothan’s lost & found page (
  • On that page, you will get the airport lost and found number; take (334)-983-3198.
  • Call the agent on this number, and share the details about the items, 
  • And, soon, they will identify and help you find the lost items. 

What services can be offered at the Dothan Airport?

Services offered at airports can vary, but typical services available at an airport like Dothan Airport might include:

Flight Services: Ticketing, check-in, baggage services, and boarding for flights.

Security and Customs: Security checks and customs processing for international flights.

Dining and Retail: Restaurants, cafes, and shops for food, beverages, and shopping.

Lounges: VIP lounges for relaxation and comfort.

Car Rentals: Rental car services for travelers.

Parking: Short-term and long-term parking options.

Ground Transportation: Shuttle services, taxis, and other transportation options.

Information Desks: Help desks for passenger inquiries and assistance.

Lost and Found: Services for lost items.

Business Facilities: Meeting rooms, business centers, and Wi-Fi access.

Medical Services: First aid and medical assistance if needed.

Children's Play Areas: Playrooms or spaces for families with children.

Pet Services: Pet relief areas, if applicable.

Currency Exchange: Services for exchanging currency.

Baggage Services: Baggage handling and storage facilities.

ATMs: Access to automated teller machines.

Charging Stations: Charging points for electronic devices.

Wi-Fi: Internet access for travelers.

When is the DHN Ticket counter closed?

The DHN ticket counter closed 30 minutes of flying the flight from departure.

How much does it cost to park at Dothan Airport?

The Dothan Airport over parking services by paying cost USD 7 daily, and weekly, it will take USD 42.

How early do I have to reach the Dothan airport?

You have to reach Dothan Airport 1 hour to prior the flight.

Does Dothan Airport customer service available 24*7?

Yes, Dothan Airport customer service is available 24*7.

Who owns Dothan Regional Airport?

Dothan Regional Airport owns by Dothan-Houston County Airport Authority.

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